The best job in the world

this will be a quick one, I’m by the pool again and there are 29 students knocking about playing pool, chilling out and some dancing.

If you’re ever sure whether teaching is for you, check out yesterday’s blog about the difference we make to young lives.

Today I’m just going to say you get great opportunities and have a right laugh. I say yes to most things that go my way but if I’m honest 20 hours into a 24 hour coach journey, with kids tired and irritable and I was thinking “what have I done?”. Caring for and looking after these students in a foreign land (with foreign food) can be pretty stressful but the payback is that today I have howled with laughter at their wit and humour, screamed with joy on Europes biggest and fastest roller coasters and maintained some teacher street cred by being able to hold the photo poses at high speed.

Most of all I’ve loved seeing the kids have an absolute cracker of a time, at their happiest with each other, a beach and a volleyball!!!!

It might not feel like it every single day but teaching is the best job in world!!!!!


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