Rocking the times tables

So, it’s been a while…

I set out with the intention of writing a blog per week and enlightening the world with my  view from within Ninestiles. Then teaching, marking, planning and everything else that comes the way of teachers got firmly in the way.

Anyway, i’m back and determined to do more, just more. No New Year styles resolutions of how many more but more anyway.

I’ll kick off with an easy (and short) one.

Today we’ve had lots of our students manically doing times tables as rapidly as possible. It’s all part of the NSPCC national number day tie up with Times Tables Rockstars and we’re doing it because we want to win…. At lunch time we were streaking well clear

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 10.35.11

I’m making no bones about it, i’m unashamedly trying to get students at Ninestiles to answer more multiplication sums than anyone else in the country. The donation to charity from Times Tables rockstars on our behalf is great and we have previously enthusiastically promoted the work of the NSPCC, especially on number day. We initially used times tables rockstar to improve the multiplicative ability of our lower Key Stage 3 students but it has been one of those weird things that just sort of has a life of its own. By no means does every student access it regularly but we have a very different student groups who compete enthusiastically.

Our best students have long since surpassed me. I set the early running but although my brain is still quick (i like to think anyway) i’m afraid my digital dexterity is no match for year 9 students who can do the rubiks cube in 20 seconds let alone bash numbers out on a keypad.

The benefit is that we have students of all abilities working together on maths. We’ve got a growing group of students who genuinely just really like maths, encouraged by an enthusiastic and motivated team of teachers who also just really like maths and are engaging and interesting.

I’ve got a feeling today is going to end in Devon Loch style glorious failure but it was fun while it lasted.


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